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Interview with Total Empty Interview with Total

Sat Jun 09 2018, 21:23
Today I am interviewing Total, also known as Levaldo Total! New Premierhax Captain and looking good for next season!

Lyreco: Hey Total, how are you?

Total: Hello Lyreco ! I'm fine thanks, what about you?

Lyreco: I am fine aswell ty! So today you got accepted with your team Golden Pizza, in PremierHax. How do you feel about that?

Total: Well honestly Im buzzing a bit. Haven't been captain in draft league since the finnish league died

Lyreco: So previous season you were signed by SheepShaggers and made it to the finals of the play offs. Do you have any opinion about the team itself and how you managed to accomplish to come so far in the league?

Total: Well the team was very solid, especially at defending. Mad and B4D were good players and they were able to score a lot. But personally I didn't find the team to be the right place for me since I want to be more included in the game as a defender. Team was good and deserved the final spot but right team won the final.

Lyreco: I see! Now you got your own team Golden Pizza, do you think you can win the title and maybe the cup?

Total: Well its hard to say that yet since I dont know yet with who Im going to play with but I guarantee you that Golden Pizza will be one of the top candidates for getting the league title AND the cup

Lyreco: Could you tell us how you found out haxball and how you found out leagues/teamspeak?

Total: Well that happened in the year of 2011 when my friend showed this cool game he found and we tried that together. After that I got a damn addicition to the game and the admins of finnish haxball league called me to play for their league. My international career started in YeS where we had finnish team called HC Pizza which also played later in FM but unfortunately its dead now Sad Thats it pretty much

Lyreco: Nice! Do you have any achievement on haxball?

Total: As the matter of fact I have never won any league at all. But I have played in many teams where the atmosphere has been so good and we havent been only about haxball. I find that as some kind of achievement

Lyreco: Do you play any other games outside haxball? If yes, could you tell a little story about the game?

Total: No, haxball is the only game I play on internet ^^

Lyreco: What has been your most memorable moment whilst playing in Premierhax?

Total: Well I dont have much experience in playing at premierhax but I liked to play in Oreo HC which was kinda unstoppable before everyone became inactive. I enjoyed to play this league back then

Lyreco: Who do you think is overrated and underrated in the Premierhax Community?

Total: well I dont like to call anyone overrated tbh and I dont find many players to be overrated here but if I have to say one underrated player that would definetly be Drix

Lyreco: Do you have any people you looked up to whilst being a noob at haxball , if so have they influenced your playing style?

Total: finnish player MIE was one of my inspirators alongside naho who also played in finnish league, after joining YeS I have looked up to Fritz and aguero10 but I dont think they have influenced in that how I play the game

Lyreco: Who do you think is the best premierhax admin?

Total: My main mate Drix ! Dont get me wrong coz I appreciate all of you for your work to make this league better !

Lyreco: Do you want to shoutout any of your mates?

Total:  Shoutout with virtual kisses to these: grünersamt, Drix, Cazorla, StringerBell, Browning, Striker Eureka, Mish, Rabiot, Flaviu, aMp... this list will be too long... Kisses to everyone !

Interview with Total YpcpeCa
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