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Season 8 Guidelines Empty Season 8 Guidelines

Fri May 05 2017, 11:19
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At PremierHax, the main focus is for you to have fun and improve. We want to keep the rules simple, as at the end of the day, this is not meant to be a competitive league, but a relaxed and stress free league. However the rules that have been set, must be abided by. Bolded rules are new rules that have been added this season.

1. Competitors Rules

1.1 Captain Rules

  • Treat your opponents with respect
  • Anything that could be deemed as offensive or crass will be looked into by the admins
  • Punishments can result in losing the captaincy and bans, either for a few games or for the rest of the season depending on the nature of the insult

1.2 Player Rules

  • Treat your opponents with respect
  • Anything that could be deemed as offensive or crass will be looked into by the admins
  • Punishments will result in bans, either for a few games or for the rest of the season depending on the nature of the insult
  • Treat your captain and other players with respect, at the end of the day, people play Haxball to wind down after a hard day at school/work, not to be insulted
  • Any player caught impersonating will receive a permanent ban, and their captain a season ban.

2. League Process

2.1 Line-ups & Transfers

  • A team must have at least 4 players in their line-up, the maximum roster size is 7 players
  • All cuts, signings or trades must be reported on the forum in the Transfers section
  • Only the captain is allowed to change the team line-up
  • If a player wants to leave their team, they are free to cut themselves from the team in the Transfer thread

2.2 Replays

  • Match replays must be submitted in the Results thread
  • It is advised that everyone in the room, in case someone disconnects or accidentally loses the recording.
  • Replay submissions must have a link to the game (good replay hosting sites are e.haxball, haxballtube &, the score and the replay time when the player scored.
  • Results that are submitted in the thread without a replay are void and thus must be replayed. Therefore it is recommended that everyone in the room records the game.
  • Notes and complaints can be made in the replay thread
  • If a game has been submitted but doesn't provide the full recording, the game will have to be replayed

2.3 Team Rules

  • Teams must have a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 7
  • Each team must have a captain
  • Each team can also have a manager. A manager is someone who acts as a captain but doesn't take up roster space. The manager has more power than the captain in this instance, however, managers are not allowed to play. In order to be eligible to become a manager one must have been in the position of captain or manager of their team during the most recent draft. Managers must wait 8 gamedays before they can return to the squad as a playing member
  • Each team can also have a co-captain. A co-captain has less power than the captain but acts as a captain when the captain isn't available. Co-captains can sign the team to cups and events

2.4 Format

  • The format will be 3v3 played on the Big stadium
  • The official days are Monday and Wednesdays at 8pm UK time
  • League matches are 14 minutes long, each half is 7 minutes
  • Fun-cups, pre-season cups can be set on a different format depending on the outcome of the polls or admins' preference. The time and goal limit can also be changed depending on the situation
  • All teams must have a kit and it's recommended that they wear them in all league and cup matches so that PremierHax looks attractive
  • [NEW] This season the league and cup will be played on the same day

2.5 League & Cup System

  • 3 points are rewarded for a victory, 1 point for a draw and 0 for a loss
  • Every half both teams must switch sides
  • This season there will be a play-off format, the top4 teams at the end of the league will qulify, 1st will play 4th and 2nd will play 3rd, then the winner of those two matches play each-other in the Grand Final to determine the winner. All play-off matches will be 2x7 game's, best of 3 games (first to win 2 games wins the match).
  • [NEW] The cup will also be played on 3v3 this season and the two-legged games are scrapped so are the stadiums

2.6 Wildcards

  • A wildcard is a postponement of a match. The match will have to be replayed at a later date and it's up to the two captains to arrange a date and time
  • You will have 4 wildcards to use per season and a wild card must be used 1 hour prior to a match. To use a wild card, post in the Wildcards thread
  • In a situation occurs where a captain postponed the game less than 1 hour prior to a match and can't play, the opposing team have an option to take a definite win but it's not necessary
  • If two teams wildcard a game and one of the teams sign a player, then its up to both captains as to whether the player can play. If both captains agree, then the player can play, however if both don't, then he cant. Evidence will need to be provided if one captain opposes the player playing
  • All games that have been postponed have to be played 12 days after the scheduled date
  • If a game hasn't been wildcarded, and the opponents don't have 3 players available for the match, at 20:15pm you are entitled to take a defwin or allow a late wildcard, its up to the captain to decide this.

2.7 Stream

  • Streamed games will be schedules 35 minutes after the regular games
  • If you want to be on stream contact the admins
  • [NEW] Any streamers that would like to help out, please contact the admins

3. Draft Guidelines

3.1 Draft Rules

  • Team captains will take turns to pick players in the draft. The draft order will be released around 1 week before the draft day will take place
  • New teams will begin proceedings. The order of the new teams is randomized. Then the rest of the teams pick in reverse order from the final league table from the season before. That means that the team that finished 8th place last season picks first and the team that finished 1st last season picks last
  • The order will be reversed each round, for example, round 2 had Team A start the round and Team H ending the round, if there are no trades made, Team H will start round 3.
  • Captains are not forced to pick players in the draft, however they must meet the squad requirements (minimum of 4 players per team)
  • If the captain can't make it for the draft, make sure you let the admins know who you want to sign in the draft. A preference list e.g. 1. Player A, 2. Player B, 3. Player C is advised, the admins will not look at your preferred list until the draft starts
  • We want a smooth draft with no large delays. Alternatively, elect someone as temporary captain if you can't make it and he can make the picks for you
  • Captains can't sign a player that has played for them in the previous season in the first round of the draft

  • Cheating the draft (by getting players to sign up using fake names) is not allowed and will lead to your captaincy being revoked and the offending player banned
  • For more explanation on the draft click HERE

3.2 Draft trades

  • Captains can trade for draft spots. For example, Captain A will trade a 2nd round spot with Captain D for his player
  • All teams are allowed to make a maximum of 3 trades that will influence the draft

4. Transfers

4.1 Signing a Player

  • Players have to be signed using the transfers thread
  • Captains can sign players that haven't been picked in the draft whenever they want, these are the free agents
  • A captain can only sign 1 player in 24 hours, if they post 3 players in the same post these 3 signings will be confirmed after 72 hours from the post (1st signing 24 hours, 2nd signing 48 hours, 3rd signing 72 hours)
  • All signings will be approved by the admins

  • Trades can be made between teams. The amount of trades that teams have is unlimited
  • Trades can consist of trading players, draft picks for the upcoming season or waiver spots
  • All trades will be approved by the admins

4.2 Cuts

  • Captains have a maximum of 4 cuts they can make in a season
  • A player leaving the team on his own accord will not count as a cut. A player that uses a cuts themselves in this manner will have to wait a minimum of 4 matchdays before being eligible to join the Free Agency
  • Cutting a player that is deemed inactive, or has been suspended for a number of games, will not count towards your 3 cuts
  • Drafted players cannot be cut for 5 matchdays unless they are inactive or have requested a cut
  • If the players don't like their captain they can request an impeach in the cutting thread, admins will take this into consideration and make a decision

4.3 Hijacks & Waiver spots

  • If there is a situation where a team signs a player, the teams above that team in the waiver spots can hijack the deal

  • All hijacks must take place within 24 hours from the posted topic of the signing(s)

  • Waiver spots will be released on the 7th matchday in the reverse order of the league table at the time (8th place = 1st on the waivers, vice versa)

  • Once a signing is hijacked, by a team who is say 5th in the Waiver's order, it can be hijacked AGAIN by another team who is above the one who made the initial hijack, so there is no limit to how many hijacks can happen for a signle player. If your hijack is hijacked, it won't count as a hijack to your team and your position in the Waiver's list won't be affected.

  • Waiver's spots can be used in trading deals between teams.[/color]

4.4 Free Agents

  • When the draft ends, a free agency thread will be opened. All players not picked in the draft are automatically in the Free Agency thread
  • Free Agents that haven't been picked in the draft can be signed at any point during the season
  • Free agents can be signed if the team has a free slot, however a drafted player cannot be cut to make way for a free agent until after 5 matchdays have been played
  • To be a part of a team, the player must have a registered account on the forums
  • The player must also have made a post in the Free Agency Thread
  • Players that played more than 3 games in the previous season and haven't signed up to the draft will have their transfers blocked

5. Misconduct

5.1 On the forums & TeamSpeak

  • Don't post anything that could be deemed as hugely offensive
  • Don't spam the forums or team speak
  • Don't post pictures of dead babies, sexual content, decapitated heads or anything of that nature
  • Be respectful to other users
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is not permitted and will result in a long-term ban

5.2 During game time

  • Banning anybody from the room in not permitted, if it happens it will result in a fixed-game ban depending on the nature
  • Any players that will rage will also be sanctioned with a fixed-game ban
  • Any use of macro is unacceptable and will lead to a permanent ban
  • Insulting the opposition or own players will be taken into consideration to the admins
  • If a player lags and shows proof as a screenshot (we recommend gyazo or snaggy, quick screenshots) the opponent must fair play the goal. If no proof is provided it is optional for the opponent to fair play

6. Administrators

6.1 Change in rules

  • The admin team has the right to enforce new rules during the season, should we need to.
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