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The one with Yawn Empty The one with Yawn

Wed Mar 16 2016, 22:30
Hello Yawn, whassap kidda, Your team has won every competition this season how do you feel about that?

Hello Cee eM, it’s of course a great achievement to win the treble, but our main goal before the season was to beat our main rivals Soccerettes which we did so i couldn’t be more satisfied with the season.

When u started playing haxball did you ever think you would one day be interviewed by CM Punk?
I always try reach as high as possible within hax, but i never expected to get this far. This is an honour.

You’ve chosen the name Yawn, what’s the message?
No message behind this name, i just had to pick something and this was the most stupid name i can think of, but now im used to it and would never change!

You scummed your way through the draft by listing a draft for herna first even though your place was well down the order creating confusion to some captains, you then signed cacca through waivers which most of the community ridiculed the order of the waivers, do you really believe you deserved the titles?

Wait i can explain myself!! Herna I drafted first because when I checked the order, C3 was first (admin mistake). Then i asked Cacca in fm (since we play in the same team there) if he was interested in rejoining Premhax, so he came back as a friend. He only ended up playing 4-5 games anyways that rqer...
But to answer the question, if we deserved the title, of course we did! We were the best team, and we followed all rules.

Talking about cacca every team he has played for in PH has disbanded, whats up with that?
The Cacca effect... But np he is gone now so all teams can live in peace

You have disbanded your team care to explain why?

I´ve been captain for the team and won all titles for both seasons, so just wanna go back and play for fun in some team that drafts me. I also will not be able to make all matchdays so cant really remain captain.

Any teams you would like to join or not join?

I don’t mind any team, but maybe my preferred team would be Stalingrad since Russia are Sweden’s toxic uncle. But like I said, I won’t complain no matter what team drafts me, unless the team is full of cunts but there are no cunt teams in premhax left after C3 Disbanded ^^

Without TsM alongside you what kind of impact do you think it will have on your next venture in PH?

I will miss TsM but i know once he gets his activity together and can make his own bedtimes, he will become successful

My messenger pigeons tell me without certain players you are going to be exposed a lot more, is this the season that makes you or do you feel you dont need to prove anything anymore??
I don’t play in premhax to prove myself really, where i prove myself is FM/Haxtrick and if i play those extra tournaments as hcl etc. I am confident that i can keep playing good no matter whos in my team, even though of course as a team we won’t do as well (depending on who i play with).

Are you saying you are too big now for PH the league that made you? Are y disrespecting my fellow countrymen?

No I haven’t got to the arrogant phase yet, I need to play for at least 1 more year before i become arrogant. But it’s a great casual league, and hopefully C3 brings the 3v3 hcl title to premhax !

I can see the doctor and b4d petitioning outside the parliament

As you mention HCL, do you think a team that disobeyed the rookie rule should be allowed to represent PH and the United Kingdom of Great Britain?
Its a Disgrace a Fucking Disgrace!!! (Drogbas voice)

haha yea we will make the queen and our own King Karl den 16 proud

Did you really know that 'sugar ray knew'?
I am 100% sure he knew

Well that concludes this interview with the nicuraguan playmaker Yawn, any shout outs to family, friends or oompa loompas

Thanks to all playing premhax, great league!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The one with Yawn Empty Re: The one with Yawn

Wed Mar 16 2016, 22:51
@Gjonaj wrote:but our main goal before the season was to beat our main rivals Soccerettes

Why are we your rivals? Haters gonna hate.

Good interview Thumb Up

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The one with Yawn Empty Re: The one with Yawn

Thu Mar 17 2016, 08:42
i think yawn cheated
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The one with Yawn Empty Re: The one with Yawn

Thu Mar 17 2016, 13:33

Yawn confirmed cheater. Let's re the whole season.
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The one with Yawn Empty Re: The one with Yawn

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