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Guide to joining a team Empty Guide to joining a team

Mon Apr 25 2016, 10:25
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PremierHax Guide to finding a team

As a new player joining the league it can be quite intimidating and difficult to find a team. This guide will hopefully give some tips to put yourself in the best position to be signed by any captains looking for players.

1. Be Active - The most important thing in my opinion. Understandably captains wont sign anyone that they don't know. By being active on the forums and teamspeak (more on this later) the captains can see your personality and know that you will be online often to help the team in friendlies. The biggest fear for captains is signing a player who disappears for long periods - this way they can't improve and won't be selected for league matches ahead of players that are training with the team every day.

2. Be Friendly - Stating the obvious here I know but every team wants a nice atmosphere and captains will not sign people who disrupt that.

3. Use Teamspeak - Teamspeak is a tool that we all use to make it easier to organise matches. Each team has their own channel along with additional channels for Free Agents, Public Rooms etc. Don't worry it is primarily used for text chat and posting links so you don't have to speak on mic - although you can if you want to.

You can download teamspeak here: and our server IP is

4. Play in PremierHax pubs and develop your skills
- There is no set level that you must be at to play in PremierHax, anyone is welcome, however if you are a new player then captains will want to see that you are eager to improve. It's possible to go from a new player to one of the best players around in just a few months but only if a player is willing to learn. The more captains see you playing in our rooms and improving as a player the more inclined they will be to sign you.

We have created a guide to give tips to beginners and help them improve which can be found here:

5. Be Patient
- There are many factors why captains might not be able to sign you. Especially during the season when most teams are already settled with their squad and not looking for more players. If you are patient then a spot somewhere will open eventually and if not then waiting for the next seasons draft is the best time to be signed as captains will be looking to sign new players at this stage. Don't keep poking and spamming captains saying "SIGN ME PLZ!!!" but just message them asking if there is a free slot and whether you could have a trial or help them out in friendlies sometime.

If anyone else has anything to add then please post it below.

Good luck and welcome to PremierHax!
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Guide to joining a team Empty Re: Guide to joining a team

Thu Sep 01 2016, 23:09
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its Gwala ! sign me up I can play any position on the pitch
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