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Match day 2 Stream Schedule Empty Match day 2 Stream Schedule

Wed Apr 06 2016, 12:50
Top game in the list is streamed. If that game is postponed then we move down the list.

1. HK Stalingrad vs Soccerettes
2. L8 Unseen vs Guard Dogs
3. Pelicans vs FOX HOUND
4. arsenal vs Can't Score
5. Sheepshaggers vs DEJA

also if both teams are up for it we could stream Can't Score vs Sheepshaggers at 9 or at whatever time the streamed game finishes.

"We used to pride ourselves on producing midfield artists in this country. Players like Tony Currie, Alan Hudson, Glenn Hoddle and Paul Gascoigne were just a few English playmakers developed in our clubs - players who could peel an orange with either foot but sadly no longer. What a pleasure then to see an artist at work even if he is a foreigner."
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