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REAL SOCCER 5v5 League  Empty REAL SOCCER 5v5 League

Sat Dec 19 2015, 18:45
Well ye, just wanted to announce our league to the British (some Euro?) Community. Season 2 is around the corner (draft is Jan 3rd) so whoever's interested in real soccer should hop over. We're well over 160 members. Only thing is, it's in the US. So ping could be an issue. But games are at 7, 8, 9 PM Est Time which is midnight, 1, and 2 AM, respectively, in English Time. Which is usually when ping is lowest on hax. So whoever doesn't have school/work early on Mondays (League games are Sundays, always) should join. Just register, I'll approve your account, and you can sign up for draft.

Btw that's not a Mexican domain rofl, just a free one xd


REAL SOCCER 5v5 League  Empty Re: REAL SOCCER 5v5 League

Sat Dec 19 2015, 20:50
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