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Players Cutting Themselves Empty Players Cutting Themselves

Sun Jul 08 2018, 23:04
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Honestly, this is the first time I've encountered this issue in Premier Hax. We had it a few times in FM back in the draft days but I thought it had pretty much disappeared. Unfortunately a number of players this season have felt the need to leave their teams, for one reason or another. Let me explain why this is an issue..

We are a draft league. This is so that the league remains fair, captains can pick any player they want, good players are shared between the teams (if captains are intelligent). We have rules against players not signing up to the draft, then signing up once the league begins and joining teams (Free Agency closed until Matchday 7, Waivers, etc). If we allow players to cut themselves from teams so that they can join other teams, it's pretty much the same as draft evading. Back in the draft days of FM we didn't let players cut themselves, it was called "retiring". They then couldn't join another team until a number of match days had passed.

As this has now become an issue, it's best that we implement a rule to stop it happening. The rule on this going forward will be:

- If it is more than 4 matchdays until Matchday 7 (Free Agency opens after Matchday 7), then you need to wait until the Free Agency opens before you can join another team
- If it is less than 4 matchdays until Matchday 7 then you will need to wait 4 Matchdays following your 'self-cut' before you can join another team
- If signed, you will go through waivers just like any other player

A complete rulebook will be posted ASAP with this rule included.

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