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Interviewing the One and Only PUNK!! Empty Interviewing the One and Only PUNK!!

Thu Feb 16 2017, 22:31
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Hello and welcome to our first interview of the season. Our first interview will be with Gjonaj. The bossman! One of the oldest community members and now the NEW Head-Admin of Premierhax.

Hello Punk. How are you today?
I'm feeling good after arsenal got raped yesterday

Haha Yes, they did get raped yesterday. 5-1 rip. Can you believe it. Anyways, Before we start this interview, lets get to know you abit. How did you find this game and was CM PUNK your first ever haxball nickname or have you used any other nicknames before that?
Back in college i saw some white kids playing in the computer room so me and my friends decided to go on it.  Before we knew it there was a good 30 people in the college playing it and the game got banned. I stopped playing until a few months later and got hooked. CM Punk is the nick i started with and the one most people will associate me with, but you all know I've had a million aliases since then

How would you describe your journey as a player over the years? Any memorable teams you have been in?
I've probably had the worst career anyone would want to have. My first team was gash hounds, captained by lef and maverick, this was about 2 months into my career in haxball. Things never really kicked off then and i was in and out of teams for about 6 months. Then i found myself captain of 360 who were in the hcl. Again nothing really came of my time there. Fast forward to the premhax era and  i happen to create guard dogs and take them to the quarter finals of hcl. Only the 2nd uk haxball team to do so. Oh ye and how could i forget my short stint in Team UK. Fuckk u ren.

You were drafted in this season into TeamSwift. Are you looking forward to play with them?
Yes ofcourse, its a class team we have the best gk in the league in Simo. We have some of the best attackers in cazorla, swift and beni. Not to forget the all rounder mata. Even jese is the best bench player the league has got. We are the best.

I thought i was the best bench player Crying or Very sad. Fk you jese taking my title :love:. Did you expect to be drafted by Swift?
To be honest i don't think anyone else woukd have signed me except him and i was right all along. Mainly cos the other captains are all mugs. Ye i said dat and i meant that.

or maybe your not good enough for their team confused affraid . As far as i know, you rage quit the league and left Guard Dogs midway in Season 6. What is the reason behind this?
Call it what u want but all i did was pass the skippers arm band to beninho, who unfortunately couldn't handle the power. When you are in a big club like guard dogs you are constantly under pressure unlike arsene wenger i knew when it was my time to leave. I stayed within the squad to help the team but it wasn't to be.

Who do you reckon will win the league title this season and why?
There's only one team that has the flair, versatility, power, ego, macro, beauty, height, weight, agility, ability and that team is not TeamSwift. So all in all we're gonna win the league.

Got no macro eh?(Swift). The preseason cup is coming up soon. Do you think TeamSwift will win the preseason cup aswell? Or do you believe another team will win it
What i believe is irrelevant, it's all about what the people believe and i shit you not they believe we are going to win everything  from the pre ssn cup to the hcl. This team was always destined for great heights the moment i stepped in. If you really look there's no team that matches us on paper and we will show you how good we are on monday. Be there.

Lets just get this straight. TeamSwift won't win shit Smile. In your Season 7 preview, you wrote "We've had some interesting first picks over the seasons and this is as interesting as any." for pelicans. Why do you feel like this?
Well kol is a fantastic player. I've played with him in many teams and i can take some credit for getting him to where he is at now. However boyd could've picked vakoj, wildey, mata or someone else first up and picked kol in the 2nd first round pick they had. He is an inexperienced captain and he's been learning too much of corn. He will learn of this however and what doesnt kill you, doesnt kill you so lets see what happens.

Maybe he is like Jds? Doesn't really care about winning the league. Just wants to have fun with his friends?
This is a competitive league if you want to play for fun theres plenty of places like Haxleague and Rorz 3v3 room. I hate it when people say that winning is not important thats some Mr bean ideology. Only winning matters, when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground. So to the Mr Beans out there who think winning doesnt matter im gonna come @ you one by one.

But what i know, this league was to help improve inexperienced players and pub players and to have fun. Not to try hard and sweat their balls off. Has this now changed?  Shocked
Everything has changed, me you the universe nothing stays the same forever. This Loser mentality isnt going to work here theres different ways to help inexperienced and pub players without stacking your team with no namers. I mean seriously what use is 5 headless chickens flying about with no real guidance. You got to have that perfect balance in that team so you can cater both your experienced and inexperienced players. These oompa loompas have here since 2012 some even 2011 but what do they have to show for it, nothing absolutely nothing. If you are not tryna succeed then your only failing its a pathetic mentality and these people need to understand fun only comes through winning.

How do you view PremierHax's development over the past few seasons?
I think it could have been a lot bigger than what it is, this is no sour grapes at the people who came before me but the fact that they left it at nothing and had no intentions in keeping a sustainable solution makes me sick. Its not just corns fault though because every person who he asked to help him has taken the role purely for power or as a personal achievement. If you intend to leave or know you cannot help why are u taking a role that can be given to someone who wants to contribute, its absurd and selfish.

As you are now the new head-admin, will we be expecting anything new this season? Such as Funcups/Tournaments etc.
Expect a lot of in your face admin, dont rub me the wrong way because im the type of guy to rob your phone then follow u home for the charger. Anywayz enough about me this season we do have  acup which will be played in a 4v4 3def format and will consist of home and awaay ties. Just like european matches it will consits of the away goal rule. As for funcups who knows if we can get volunteers to help out we can make this greater than any other league but until then its all about how we are as a community. So far ive liked the new admin team and now its up to the community to do their part in helping Premierhax become great again

Coming to season 7, we see many admins have left/gone inactive and we now have fresh faces to the admin team such as Drix and Flash. The Polski brothers. Why did you pick these as your new admins and are there more to come?
Originally i asked kol and beninho but they were not ready for it and fair play to them for not doing somehting they didnt have time for or knew they couldnt fulfill the job to the best of their abilities. Even i dont have much time for haxball, espescially not being admin but something had to be done. The reason i chose flash and drix is because i know they will work. You can see the work they have already put in and together the three of us and this community are going to make this league the most talked about and the most respected league in europe.

Thanks for the interview CM! To conclude do you have any final words or any shoutouts?
From the bottom of my heart id like to take this chance to shoutout absolutly nobody. Fucking Nobody

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- Season 2: Finished 4th in Division One -

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- Season 3: Finished 7th in Division One -

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- Season 4: Finished 1st in Division One, CUP WINNERS! -

- DEJA -
- Season 5: Finished 4th in Freznez Conference, Preseason Cup Winners -

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- Season 7: Finished 3rd in Division One
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