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Race maps chosen for the league Empty Race maps chosen for the league

on Sun Aug 07 2016, 16:40
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Here are the race maps chosen for the league, along with their link so you can practice if you want.
The 'Races' forum will list the tracks that will be raced on each day.

Silverstone V2  http://haxmaps.com/map/3719
Alvagre International  http://haxmaps.com/map/4844
Austria A1  http://haxmaps.com/map/3672
Catalunya http://haxmaps.com/map/3470
Interlagos  http://haxmaps.com/map/4178
Circuit de Spa  http://haxmaps.com/map/3845
Hockenheim   http://haxmaps.com/map/3139
Hungaroring   http://haxmaps.com/map/3796
Monza  http://haxmaps.com/map/3889
Kouki  http://haxmaps.com/map/3051
Shanghai  http://haxmaps.com/map/3357
LovKart  http://haxmaps.com/map/702
Chile  http://haxmaps.com/map/724
Loko  http://haxmaps.com/map/711
Madruga  http://haxmaps.com/map/705
Poligon  http://haxmaps.com/map/705
Uranus  http://haxmaps.com/map/736
Car racing pit  http://haxmaps.com/map/3939
Snake bounce  http://haxmaps.com/map/2864
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