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The one with mlf Empty The one with mlf

Sat Aug 06 2016, 13:41
So Im back again with more interviews to beg my way on to the administration team. Heres the latest interview with Cant Scores mlfaijati.

Hi mlfaijati, so what is your background in Haxball? How did you find the game and when did you start playing competitively?

Hey CM, well i first found the game in January 2012 through this Pokémon clan I was in, that notably included Psykout (rip) and while the planned haxball team that we were going to start ended up not happening, I was inducted into the game that we all know and love. I signed up to FM in February that year and to the Season 3 draft though i was left undrafted and didn't really touch FM for months afterwards. After that I joined this team called Mad Skills (rip Karl rip JET) that was in the 3v3 league that existed before Galaxy that I forget the name of and well from there I ended up joining Galaxy and getting signed both there and in the Season 4 draft in FM and later other leagues such as YeS (rip) and RFL (rip).

So you've been playing since 2012 did you ever think you would one day be interviewed by CM Punk?

Well if you're asking if I thought I'd be playing haxball more than 4 years after playing that first game I'd almost certainly say no. I think everyone at some point or another sets a date that they think they're going to retire at, but as Ren once said - haxball is the ultimate ex-girlfriend and we all know that eventually you'll want to come back to play again. But to actually answer your question, I guess I wouldn't have thought that I'd end up getting interviewed by anyone, never mind someone called CM Punk (I don't really follow WWE but was CM Punk even around in 2012?).

I made CM Punk

The nick you have chosen is very distinctive, what’s the story?

Aha, I remember letting the secret out many moons ago in Galaxy but I guess I'll repeat it here. Well 'mlf' are my initials, and 'aijati' is the word 'Italia' in the font style of the 2006 world cup shirt mirrored. While that seems pretty random (and it is to be fair) I got the idea when I used to wear my replica Italy shirt around the house and of course check myself out in the mirror. Put them together and voilà.

So milfs have nothing to do with your name, wow.

So moving on to your team, Can't Score, you are sailing away at the top in season 5 but how did it feel losing to a nonsensical douche in the form of b4d 4ss last season?

Well, I'm not going to lie, losing in the way we did did sting a bit, we were playing our last game I think vs Pelicans while Sheep were on steam vs Socs and they were drawing 0-0 at halftime and for a moment I thought we'd done it - but it wasn't to be. But really, that Season 4 team we had was genuinely one of my most favourite teams I've played with in my entire career and to go 15 wins and 1 draw after losing 2 games on the first day is up there in my best achievements in hax. There's an extent to which I admire how Bad Ass wasn't like Rachel or Ovo in that he signed good players and let them play for him - he played pretty much all the minutes himself and to win the title doing that does deserve credit. Though while I say that, the way in which they won the title, with having players such as luck who got banned and (essentially signing Yawn as a mercenary for the final few games as well as Bad himself rage quitting in a game does leave a sour taste the mouth. If you asked me if I'd want to win the title a similar way to which Bad Ass conducted himself or the way that we came 2nd with the original 6 players that we had straight after the draft then I'd take the latter every time.

Your team has started off the way it finished last season and is dominating the Tanzim conference, what are the minimum expectations you have set for your team?

Before the season I'd have said playoffs were minimum expectation and I guess the same rings true now, though I would be disappointed if we didn't manage to finish 1st in the Tanzim conference. In the playoffs it's anyone's game really, as we'll likely play against HKS, LGB or L8 in the semi final and really I think we're pretty evenly matched against any of those sides so being realistic I wouldn't set the target of reaching the final as a minimum, but of course we're in it to win it .

So who do you think will join you from the Tanzim conference in the playoffs?

Now that's the million dollar question isn't it  . I'd say all 5 teams have a fighting chance of making the playoffs, something which can't be said for the Freznez conference. If you held a gun to my head I'd go with Sheepshaggers which may be a bit of a surprise, but with Falk in GK I see them being very hard to beat and who knows what player Bad Ass has up his sleeve to join his team for the final stretch of fixtures.

Who would you say has had the most influence on your hax career?

I guess I'd have to say Joehan - he was the guy who scouted me to G.I. Joehans in Season 4 of FM which led to joining his team in YeS as really he brought me from pub obscurity to being picked for the national side not long after. Dooms influenced my hax career in a different way in that we both developed together when we joined forces to pretty much dominate UK 3v3 leagues for over a year; I've won probably most of my titles in hax while I've been playing with him. Jonny as well was a player whose calmness and skill I really admired and playing with him really did help me progress individually as a player. Last but not last has to be Ren, not only is he one of my closer friends in hax I think everyone has him to thank for his tireless contributions to the UK hax scene in general over the past years as without him many of the leagues that we've all enjoyed down the years may not have been running to the same standard.

Well you mention ren being an influence on you and with the nation’s cup coming up soon, do you think there will be any newcomers into this year’s side and if not are there any you would like to see?

In the UK squads that I've been involved in there's always been one or two 'wildcard' choices in the squad, so I'd say we'll certainly see some players in there that we've not seen before, and I'd be very surprised if Bliz did not end up making the cut. I don't think any of the other upcoming players will be guaranteed a spot, but people like Swie, Wild and Ben hopefully will be given a shot at proving themselves as worthy to represent their country. For me I'd love to see any of Swift, giggs or Twigg be selected for the squad as well as I think they've all proven themselves so far this season as players who should be near the national side.

Now my pigeons tell me ogre was not invited to the internals after the stream on Wednesday, do you know why not?

Wasn't invited? I thought he wasn't here. Well, I know for sure nobody is trying to exclude him as we've been trying to get him to play for the national side for years. I'm excited to see him in an attacking position with the new-ish style that the UK has adopted in recent tournaments.

Well he was sat in the guard dogs channel which is 2 channels from where the rest of you were. Are u sure there's no bad blood betweem ogre and his former club manager?

Well I do know that ogre asked to leave, but it seems like he left on good terms, and if I were Ren I'd have been happy as larry from getting yawn and a first round pick for him [and a 2nd round pick].

Who the fucks Larry??!!?!?!

Hey some captains have the cojones to do and say things to bring entertainment and others sit on their oompa lumpa ass and play for 'fun'. What do you think of captains that state winning doesnt matter and only having fun is important?

Well I think in the ideal world you have a league in which all the teams are fairly even and by having captains who don't have winning as a high priority then that is going to make that dream rather unattainable. Of course this can go the other way as well, if you place winning as too high a priority then the league as a whole ends up as having a less-fun environment, so finding that balance between maintaining a competitive level of play but making sure your players are happy is important.

There have been talks of pressing the reset button in season six, where do you stand on this?

Ah, well I think it's good to be able to take a step back to re-evaluate the direction the league is going, and as I've said on many previous occasions the league lives or dies by the quality of its captains - so I'd say im in favour of the move.

"mlf is so fucking biased to his own teams its unbelievable, the only reason hR won anything is because mlf cheated the league", can you clear this up for us?

Normally I take whatever Jai says on the forums with a pinch of salt, but I guess if he's being genuine I'll try to work out what he meant by this. I know after Season 4 in Galaxy I (well, the admin team) banned Rooney1878 for using a macro in league matches, which I guess you could argue led (in some way) to Jenzo having a weaker side from his team which ended up coming 2nd in Season 4 (my team having come 1st), and so may have made our route to winning the title in Season 5 easier? Other than that I've not really got any idea about how I cheated the league; Jai is probably the best person to clear this up once and for all.

Anyways how do u wanna finish this truth or dare?

I'll do both

Who is the least valuable TeamUK player currently that has played more than 2 games?

Well I'd have to have a list of players to answer that properly, but I guess of people that are likely to be in the upcoming squad then probably me tbh.

He bottled it tbh but the dare will be up soon.

Thanks for taking your time out to answer those questions, hopefully this increases my chances of being the next admin if not Ive wasted a whole fucking day.
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The one with mlf Empty Re: The one with mlf

Sat Aug 06 2016, 15:06
i dont remember saying that but i love mlf
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The one with mlf Empty Re: The one with mlf

Sat Aug 06 2016, 20:06
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The one with mlf Empty Re: The one with mlf

Sat Sep 03 2016, 03:52
super player and good interview.

Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.
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