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Introducing LGB! Empty Introducing LGB!

Wed Jun 29 2016, 21:44
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Welcome LGB players! Here is a first of many things to come, hopefully to promote activity from the team towards the league and community.
Let’s get on with the pre-season interview!

1. Hello, please introduce yourself, who are you and what is your hax career like?

Q: Hi I’m Q and thanks to Mád for taking the gamble on me. I’ll do my best to keep OG’s and spastic moments to a minimum Very Happy. I started playing in June 2015, which makes me feel like a newbie compared to most in the league where 3-5 years seems to be the norm. Sugar ray got me to join premhax after 1 month of me playing and then didn’t get picked in the draft obviously. I’ve gone a few seasons as backup really which is fair enough as I have just been focusing on improving. Now I’m playing in FM too and trying to improve as a DM there. I’ve not played many leagues games and the only thing I’ve won was when mad/aero/beninho carried the South to victory as the best region!!  Basketball

Beninho: Hello! So I'm Beninho and I'm 18 years old and come from Toddington which is a large village in Bedfordshire. I found haxball through a facebook page called 'Applauding your players after a tough game on football manager' and I enjoyed how easy it was to pick up and play. I met Calloway and Skjold who I am still good mates with now and they founded the originally unsuccessful RFL. This was subequently my first haxball league and I was quite devoted to that as it was a close-knit community apart from a few dreadful galaxy and haxleague teams I played in which were also made up of RFL players. Playing in premierhax has definitely helped me improve where in ssn 3 Can't Score were unlucky not to finish 2nd which was me, giggs, mlf and Q basically. Since then I've played for teams in FM and Haxtrick as well as playing RF in Haxsports.

Bliz: Hello i'm Bliz, aka Blizaaard. My hax career has been abit stop and start cos i have hobbies which take up time and i travel alot so its hard to settle down and really establish myself on this game. Played in most leagues tbf, YeS was before my time but ive been in FM, haxtrick and galaxy (most known ones).

Nebraska: I'm Nebraska, or Nebra, started playing back in 2012 when RFL was opened, played there for a bit, alongside that in Galaxy, Haxleague, and a bit of FM in Ajhax. I've been on and off Haxball though, now I'm back again and here to stay.

Diesel: Hi guys, I am Diesel. I have been playing for a while now. I have been playing since the start of beneliga. But didn’t play in that league, as I went inactive during that period. I have played in beneliga, haxtrick, feed me, haxleague and premierhax. I am also the captain of my own haxtrick team in the first division and feed me where I stepped down (it was getting too much to handle both teams).

Jovetic: I am Jovetic also known as Nana8. I played a lot 3v3 in the first season of Haxtrick. I also played in Galaxy Haxball (not sure if it called like that) and i am captain in haxleague and feed me.

Mád: Hi I’m Mád and most of you know me anyway so I’ll not put much down. Played for 5 years, created FM, at one point played in 10 leagues at once, #1 FM player. Won a few things, mainly UK 3v3 leagues.

2. What are your thoughts on the LGB squad?

Q: As I’m relatively new in the hax world, I still don’t know or have not seen a lot of players. But LGB’s squad does look very strong. Mád – nuff said. Beninho – Lots of potential and has been solid in previous seasons and continued to improve as well as top lad. Nebraska has looked classy in pubs. Diesel has a good goalscoring record. Can’t say I know much about Bliz or Jovetic but I’m sure they’re good too. Be good to play with everyone and learn aplenty.  Smile

Beninho: The squad definitely has options. I'm good mates with Q and I feel as though our developments as players have run parallel to each other, and he's a good technical keeper both going forwards and backwards. Bliz is a good link up player who is good for his versatility, Nebraska is a talented defender and Mád is the standout name who I guess most would think his performances depend on how far the team goes. Everyone I believe wants to improve and have some fun playing the game and I like everyone for their individual merits.

Bliz: I'm impressed with the squad built i feel there is lots of depth as ppl can play multiple positions in this team, mentality should be good that hunger and desire to win games, i like the other players honestly not a bad word for any of them tbh.

Nebraska: I think the squad looks solid, more specifically I know that Bliz and Ben are very solid upfront, havn't seen Q play though, but guess he's no different as he was one of the first picks, and mád, his gif says it all tbh.

Diesel: The team looks solid as it contains players with the experience and skills to end up high in the table. I have played with some players before in pubs or in official matches. That’s why I think we should be able to have a good shot at ending up as first.

Jovetic: I think this is a great team to play with because I like the playing style of the UK players. I also played a lot with Diesel. I am also sure we will have a lot of fun and win of course matches.

Mád: I couldn’t be happier with the guys I managed to get, I can’t believe I got this team from the draft to be quite honest. There is a lot of depth right here but for me it’s about getting the whole team playing the same system or to two systems so I can sub to change up the playstyle whenever needed. I have a mixture of fresh and experienced players who I can utilise and hopefully help everyone improve and get the team cohesive to make a push for that play-off spot. Q and Beni are making a name for themselves not just in premhax but also over in FM as well and I can see these two coming along very well. Nebraska is returning and so is Bliz sort of, both players who I know are very capable but will need to practice to get back into the swing of things, which I have no doubt that they will and that I will help them hopefully further that level of play. Diesel and Jovetic are interesting cases as they seem to be the odd ones out, however I value their play to be very good meaning I can hopefully manage to fit them to a style of my choosing that is works with them as they have been long time players. Pairing players off or making threesomes is a good way to structure your team and to hopefully guarantee that everyone gets playing time, which will be one of my main focuses alongside keeping the team spirit up and in a good mood for us to be able play at our best and win.

3. What are your personal goals for this season?

Q: I like to attack and create chances, probably a bit too much. I don’t like to set personal goals of goals/assists etc, I just want to improve my control, vision and creativity as well as keeping solid and not letting in stupid goals. I’m used to not playing a lot in league games and it doesn’t bother me too much, I will continue to play fs and improve till I’m deemed worthy to start more games. That’s what a “young” player would do in real life football so I will work towards that. Man, this all sounds so cheesy but whatever. I’m tired and just want to get this thing over with.  Razz

Beninho: I aim to play more than last season where I think there was so many good attacking options I had to settle for less game time, which I understood but want to build on this season. I always aim for 10+ goals which I was some distance off last season (welp) and my assists is something I want to improve on, as well as my defensive positioning.

Bliz: I think me and Mád would form a good partnership going forward and be lethal together, playing time i dont mind not playing a full game i wont whine about it and whinge but i would like some minutes ofc, starting line up Q-Bliz-Mad or Q-Ben-Mad, goals and assists hopefully double figures for both, game style quick simple passing not doing anything not needed such as a lift or wall bounce when an easy pass is available (im a fan of quick passing to create gaps in the oppositions defence).

Nebraska: In this season I definitely want to learn a lot, get better with decision making, and overall intelligence when it comes to haxball. I'm happy to play any position - get some goals/assists/cleansheets are all on my list!

Diesel: My personal goal is to be in the starting lineup, but it will be hard as the squad has good players. But I’ll do my best to show what I’m capable of. I did well in the 2nd season of premierhax. I ended up in the top 10 (Not sure atm) and would like to try to achieve that again.

Jovetic: I think my first goal this season is try to play as best as I can. This is the first season for me in this league so i don't really know the playing style here. I hope I will play 2 half’s per 2 matches.

Mád: Personally I want to keep maintaining the same level I played at last season as I believe it will be harder to do so with the responsibilities of captaining added on, however I’m a seasoned captain and player so hopefully will not affect my game too much. Improving my teamwork will be key and I will be looking to improve my more mid outfield gameplay as I feel it’s always been a weak part of my game compared to a more forward role. Making less mistakes is always something to aim for and everything can be worked on, controlling the game flow will be key from me as the leader of the team.

4. What are your thoughts on the other teams this season and how we stack versus them?

Q: I don’t think we should underestimate any team. There’s always a potential for upsets but if we play well I think we can do very well this season. Any team with Jai or Ogre as GK will be tough to beat. Savage Armada looks to have a pretty strong squad too.

Beninho: I imagine having Mad will lift us into playoff contention where I think HKS, CS, DEJA and L8 are the teams to watch out for. They arguably have bigger names but there's no team we cannot beat. Similarly to last season, every team has good players so we'll have to be at our best in every game in my opinion, any team is a banana skin but overall I think we stack up to the very best in the league.

Bliz: we should favour as one of the stronger sides this season but i think CS/GD/HKS could be our main rivals this ssn.

Nebraska: I think other teams are solid, like Alvaro's and this Bubblehax team but honestly, I think with practice we can easily end up top 4 as we do look solid on paper just need to make sure we get good together as a team.

Diesel: Well I am not certain how teams will do. But have a good feeling my previous team will do well (Deja). They seem strong as I know the players certainly Ahmed one of the key players. I can’t give a proper opinion about the other teams as I don’t know how the chemistry will be. (If they have played with eachother before etc.)

Jovetic: If i see the players in the other teams I see alot of expierence. I like to play 3def always so we make the change that the opponent score smaller.

Mád: Honestly I think the start of the season will be a bit wavy but once we find our stride we will be able to take on anyone, however this means a tough schedule could affect our season much more than we’d like but that is no excuse so I think we will give it our all no doubt. I think CS should be looking to take the title but you never know, HKF/DEJA/SA just below CS but that would be my top 4/5ish teams here, you never know what teams will work out in this league though and as Beni said any team is capable of upsetting which makes for a more interesting league.

5. Who are your players to watch out for this season?

Q: Benniiiiiii… He’s been banging in goals wherever he plays. Hoping for Mád to teach Ben a trick or two. Would also be nice to see new league players like Kol/splat/mart do well.

Beninho: Having played a bit more in pubs of late, I think Fear is a good player who will do well if given the time. I've always told people how good Cazorla is/can be if he puts the effort in. Alekos and Swift are shrewd acquisitions by mlf. Iceman is a nightmare to play against because of his solid positioning defensively and Element/ogre could be a very good combination for HKS.

Bliz: Element brings a portuguese style to the table which is known to be skillful if u know the likes of Tortogol, dark etc u would agree with me so he could spark some infulence this ssn, other names could be possibly; Stefan as hes known for his clinical nature and could be a real handful if not dealt with efficiently, mlf and mata looking on the defence side could be a struggle to break down and knock a few past them.

Nebraska: There are a lot of amazing individual players, like Jai, Ozi, and Aero in other teams, but they won't be able to do much if they can't get the right chemistry with others on their team, let’s hope that's the case.

Diesel: - Nebraska: he has the potential to become a good player from what I have seen in pubs.    I hope he does good in official matches aswell.
- Ahmed is one of the players who I consider to be very good.
- Mata (Who played in my team on fm).
- Splat: I think he also the potential to become a good player.

Jovetic: I think Stefan and Ahmed from DEJA! are very dangerous to play against. Ahmed has a very good spam Its very hard to play against that. Stefan is like a Jamie Vardy in haxball. And I think players like MrP and saviola are very dangerous because they have very much experience.

Mád: Nebraska, I know this player can get to a high level but consistency will be the key for him. Of course you have mlf for the clean sheets but can his team score enough and Stefan for the goals but can his team defend enough. There are a lot of players who could surprise us here but we will have to wait and see how they fit in to match play styles before praising them.

6. Any last words?

Q: LET’S DO THIS!!!  Sheep

Beninho: Big thanks for Mad for signing me, hopefully I can have a good season and LGB win the league/playoffs whatever.

Bliz: ye thanks to Mád for picking me i appreciate it even though i may not be around the full season ty for having faith in me and not being put off.

Nebraska: ngl, I think I'm gna wreck dis ssn.

Diesel: I hope we guys do well during this season and have fun.

Jovetic: Let’s do this!

Mád: Good luck don’t suck to everyone this season.
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Introducing LGB! Empty Re: Introducing LGB!

Wed Jun 29 2016, 22:03
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Introducing LGB! Empty Re: Introducing LGB!

Wed Jun 29 2016, 22:05
q top 3 cutie of all time
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Wed Jun 29 2016, 22:16
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cutest thread ever

gl hf

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I'm losing my edge.
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Thu Jun 30 2016, 09:21
fk off shit team
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Thu Jun 30 2016, 15:33
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nice team and very initiative,
just dont start cheating when(if) you are losing this time. Neutral

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Fri Jul 01 2016, 17:34
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Any relation to Lesbian Gay Bisexual (LGB)?
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