Predictions Information and Rules!

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Predictions Information and Rules!

Post by UKOriginal on Tue Feb 28 2017, 20:59


The prediction league will be only for league matches. Not for CUP Matches!!

If you would like to take part in the Prediction game then read below!

• Predictions have to be posted -30- minutes before official time for game starts. So, 19:30 GMT (20:30 CET)
• You can leave your Predictions in the Thread of it's Matchday
• If you don't post your predictions 3 matchdays in a row you will be kicked out.
• You can rejoin the Prediction Season but will start with 0 points.
• You can join half way through the prediction season

• 1 Point if you predict the correct Team to win (example: Pred.: Team x 4:0 Team y ~ Result: Team x 2:1 Team y)
• 2 Points if you predicted a draw (example: Pred.: Team x 1-1 Team y ~ Result: Team x 2-2 Team y)
• 3 Points if you predict the correct Team to win and also got the right goal difference (example: Pred.: Team x 2:0 Team y ~ Result: Team x 3-1 Team y)
• 4 Points for the correct Prediction

If you would like to help. Contact Me on TS!

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