Season 6 Fixtures

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Season 6 Fixtures

Post by Rénbeaudach on Sun Oct 16 2016, 14:36

Round 1 - 19th October

Deja Entendudes v Let the Games Begin
TeamSwift v Pelicans
Soccerettes v HaxStars
Bromley FC v No Surrender
HK Stalingrad v L8 Unseen
The Flying Peacocks v Guard Dogs

Round 2 - 24th October

Pelicans v Deja Entendudes
HaxStars v Let the Games Begin
Soccerettes v TeamSwift
L8 Unseen v Bromley FC
Guard Dogs v No Surrender
The Flying Peacocks v HK Stalingrad

Round 3 - 26th October

Deja Entendudes v HaxStars
Pelicans v Soccerettes
Let the Games Begin v TeamSwift
Bromley FC v Guard Dogs
L8 Unseen v The Flying Peacocks
No Surrender v HK Stalingrad

Round 4 - 31st October

Soccerettes v Deja Entendudes
TeamSwift v HaxStars
Let the Games Begin v Pelicans
The Flying Peacocks v Bromley FC
HK Stalingrad v Guard Dogs
No Surrender v L8 Unseen

Round 5 - 2nd November

Deja Entendudes v TeamSwift
Soccerettes v Let the Games Begin
HaxStars v Pelicans
Bromley FC v HK Stalingrad
The Flying Peacocks v No Surrender
Guard Dogs v L8 Unseen

Round 6 - 7th November

HaxStars v Bromley FC
Deja Entendudes v L8 Unseen
TeamSwift v The Flying Peacocks
Pelicans v HK Stalingrad
Let the Games Begin v Guard Dogs
Soccerettes v No Surrender

Round 7 - 9th November

Deja Entendudes v The Flying Peacocks
TeamSwift v HK Stalingrad
Pelicans v Guard Dogs
Let the Games Begin v No Surrender
Soccerettes v Bromley FC
HaxStars v L8 Unseen

Round 8 - 14th November

TeamSwift v Guard Dogs
Pelicans v No Surrender
Let the Games Begin v Bromley FC
Soccerettes v L8 Unseen
HaxStars v The Flying Peacocks
Deja Entendudes v HK Stalingrad

Round 9 - 16th November

Let the Games Begin v L8 Unseen
Soccerettes v The Flying Peacocks
HaxStars v HK Stalingrad
Deja Entendudes v Guard Dogs
TeamSwift v No Surrender
Pelicans v Bromley FC

Round 10 - 21st November

Let the Games Begin v The Flying Peacocks
Soccerettes v HK Stalingrad
HaxStars v Guard Dogs
Deja Entendudes v No Surrender
TeamSwift v Bromley FC
Pelicans v L8 Unseen

Round 11 - 23rd November

Soccerettes v Guard Dogs
HaxStars v No Surrender
Deja Entendudes v Bromley FC
TeamSwift v L8 Unseen
Pelicans v The Flying Peacocks
Let the Games Begin v HK Stalingrad

Round 12 - 28th November

Let the Games Begin v Deja Entendudes
Pelicans v TeamSwift
HaxStars v Soccerettes
No Surrender v Bromley FC
L8 Unseen v HK Stalingrad
Guard Dogs v The Flying Peacocks

Round 13 - 30th November

Deja Entendudes v Pelicans
Let the Games Begin v HaxStars
TeamSwift v Soccerettes
Bromley FC v L8 Unseen
No Surrender v Guard Dogs
HK Stalingrad v The Flying Peacocks

Round 14 - 5th December

HaxStars v Deja Entendudes
Soccerettes v Pelicans
TeamSwift v Let the Games Begin
Guard Dogs v Bromley FC
The Flying Peacocks v L8 Unseen
HK Stalingrad v No Surrender

Round 15 - 7th December

Deja Entendudes v Soccerettes
HaxStars v TeamSwift
Pelicans v Let the Games Begin
Bromley FC v The Flying Peacocks
Guard Dogs v HK Stalingrad
L8 Unseen v No Surrender

Round 16 - 12th December

TeamSwift v Deja Entendudes
Let the Games Begin v Soccerettes
Pelicans v HaxStars
HK Stalingrad v Bromley FC
No Surrender v The Flying Peacocks
L8 Unseen v Guard Dogs

Playoff Semifinals - 19th December

[1st Place Chuckdog Conference] v [2nd Place Mlfaijati Conference] (Best of 3 series)
[1st Place Mlfaijati Conference] v [2nd Place Chuckdog Conference] (Best of 3 series)

Playoff Final - 21st December

[Winner Match 1] v [Winner Match 2] (Best of 5 series)

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